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Unity Enterprise

This programme was awarded funding to identify and address gaps in support for young carers within their caring role. Unity Enterprise manage carer centres in North and South Ayrshire and this project provided awareness training to 16 young adult carers from across Ayrshire aged 17 to 25. The training was delivered over a 20 week period, in partnership with Ayrshire Housing, PIE Arts, The Royal Bank of Scotland and PRISM creative writing providing the workshops noted below.


  • Confidence building and interview skills course.
  • How to be a tenant.
  • Managing a budget and cooking skills.


  • Confidence and self-esteem of young carers have increased.
  • Young carers are empowered with knowledge on housing issues.
  • Young carers have been offered choice and opportunities.
  • Young carers’ prospects of employment have been increased.

Lessons Learned

Following the training programme, the young carers continued to meet every two weeks to be involved in fundraising and peer mentoring. Due to the success of this work and the funding awarded through the NCO Carer Training, additional funding was leveraged for a short film to be produced on the life of a young carer in South Ayrshire to raise the awareness of young carers’ issues within other local groups.

Unity Enterprise reported their partnership work within North and South Ayrshire was strengthened, with local statutory and health services having a better understanding and knowledge of what services are available and what issues young carers face.

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