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Quarriers Carer Training Programme

Quarriers were awarded funding to deliver their carer training programme in partnership with Cruse Scotland, providing support to 11 young carers six parent carers and 14 families in and around the Moray area. The training programme was designed to provide support to young carers, who have experienced loss and bereavement.


The following courses were delivered in partnership with Cruse Scotland:

  • ‘Get to know you’ sessions for young people.
  • Liaison with families of young carers.
  • Full day training session to teenage young carers.
  • Half day training session to young carers under 12 years old.
  • Full day training to Quarriers Carer Support Service staff, dealing with self-awareness of grief, understanding the process and how to support someone.


  • Carers reported increased ability to cope by expanding their knowledge and understanding of the loss and bereavement process.
  • Carers stated that they now had the ability to take ownership of feelings and were able to deal with emotions including guilt and anger better. They realised that loss and bereavement is a normal process. Going forward, young carers now have ongoing peer support via the relationships that have been developed through the initial support and training amongst young carers.
  • Parents of young carers reported they felt empowered to take ownership of their feelings and better understand the normality of the process, which will allow them to better cope with their feelings and how they can support their children.

“I now understand why I feel this way. I have learnt to use different coping methods and I know what I am feeling is ok”.

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