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Carers Link East Dunbartonshire Programme

Carers Link East Dunbartonshire was awarded funding to deliver their Link and Learn Project. The carer training programme supported 37 adult carers, of which 25% live in a rural location.

The training programme explored different options in how carers can access training rather than just the content within the course.

The objective of the programme was to establish appropriate technologies and internet services to enable the streaming of training sessions as they are happening, enabling carers to attend courses from their own homes.


The organisation tested its pilot training sessions with carers from their existing advisory group. They shaped the four online live webcast training sessions in which 37 carers took part from their own homes as follows:

  • De-stress workshop.
  • Useful things for carers to know.
  • Gadgets and Gizmos, which explored telecare.
  • A brief journey with carers, looking at the journey with carers survival guide.


  • The organisation provided flexible methods of training delivery including weekends and one-to-one training delivered via their website.
  • Carers reported that they are more able to combine caring responsibilities with work, social and learning opportunities
  • 89% of carers reported that participating from home made it easier to combine time for themselves with caring responsibilities.
  • Previously hidden carers have been identified through participation in the online learning hub.
  • The webcast training received 157 additional views from carers at various times to fit in with their caring role.
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