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Falkirk and District Association for Mental Health Programme

Falkirk and District Association for Mental Health (FDAMH) was awarded funding to provide an education training course for adult carers who care for adults with mental health difficulties.

The training aimed to support the continuation of a successful 12 month pilot and this funding enabled further roll-out the programme. This programme helps carers with information and advice, encouraging them to explore different coping strategies with peers and the cared-for person.

The course was delivered in conjunction with NHS Forth Valley, providing 28 hours of joint facilitation for 24 adult carers.


FDAMH provided the following training programme over a seven week period for adult carers. This programme was designed to be broad in content, enabling parts of the materials to be used in presentations and training to other social care staff, DWP clients, single parents, young people and social care students as follows:

  • Making changes – this workshop helped carers to cope with dealing with stress.
  • Coping with loss and change through relaxation techniques – this was delivered in conjunction with NHS qualified clinical staff.
  • Dealing with feelings of anger – this session was facilitated by a qualified counsellor.
  • What happens when someone experiences mental health problems – workshop delivered and facilitated by NHS qualified clinical staff.
  • Recognising early signs of mental distress – again, this was facilitated by NHS qualified clinical staff.
  • In addition FDAMH provided a two day Mental Health First Aid course.


  • Improved understanding of mental health conditions for those carers supporting family/friends with poor mental health.
  • Improved caring skills, improved relationships with the cared for person and family in general.
  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem, improved resilience and ability to cope/handle problems.
  • Improved awareness of what support is available in the community for both carer and the cared for person.
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